Bulletin – 2017-06-25

Sunday Service                 June 25, 2017                            10:15 a.m.

Meditation:   “Humility is not thinking less of yourself,
It’s thinking of yourself less.”                    – Rick Warren

Welcome: to Britannia United Church.  Our nursery is always available to children three years of age and younger. It is at the end of the hall by the office.  Headsets are available for those who need assisted hearing.  Please speak to our sound technician.  Please join in the reading if it is bold and italic.  Coffee and Tea are available at the back of the church, after the service.

We Gather in God’s Name

Introit: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (333, verses 1 and 2)



Call to Worship:
We have been created in the image of God
We are created to love our brothers and sisters,
all children of God

Christ has taught us how to love one another
And we are called to share that love with the world
The Holy Spirit moves in us, giving us gifts to do God’s work
The Spirit moves us like the wind in the trees
We go where God is leading us
Follow Jesus, and the Spirit will show us the way. Amen.

Hymn:  God Sees the Little Sparrow Fall
God sees the little sparrow fall,
It meets His tender view;
If God so loves the little birds,
I know He loves me, too.

He loves me, too, He loves me, too,
I know He loves me, too;
Because He loves the little things,
I know He loves me, too.

He paints the lily of the field,
Perfumes each lily bell;
If He so loves the little flow’rs,
I know He loves me well.

God made the little birds and flow’rs,
And all things large and small;
He’ll not forget his little ones,
I know He loves them all.

Opening Prayer:
Breathe on us, Holy Spirit.
Renew in us a sense of purpose,
of a life filled with joy,
of a heart drawn to justice and mercy.
Move us to compassion, to action,
to lead lives of hope.
Fill us with Your abundant love,
so that we may
love those who are hard to love,
forgive those that are hard to forgive,
and may we be reminded
that You love us, forgive us,
and renew us, every day.
In the name of Jesus,
who was filled with Your Spirit
and calls us into New Life, we pray.  Amen.

Hymn:  Jesus Loves Me (365)

Theme Presentation

Music Offering

Minute for Mission  Wendy Gallant

We Hear God’s Word

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 86:1-10, 16-17
(OT, pg 544, Bethany Tee)

Message:  Sparrow Songs

* Hymn:  God of the Sparrow (229)

We Respond to God

Prayers of Joy and Concern and The Lord’s Prayer


* Doxology: (541)
Praise God from whom all blessings flow;
praise God, all creatures high and low;
give thanks to God in love made known:
Creator, Word and Spirit, One.

* Offertory Prayer:
We come before you with humble hearts, O God.
We share our humble gifts.
And you return to us
with glory unto glory,
until our song is filled with glorious praise
and all the earth has reason to give thanks.  Amen

* Hymn:  May the God of Hope Go With Us (424)

* Commissioning and Benediction:
Jesus said “Love God.”
Let us go singing love.
Jesus said “Love one another.”
Let us go singing love.
And let our actions be the words to our song.

* Sung Response:  (964)
Go now in peace, go now in peace,
may the love of God surround you,
everywhere, everywhere,
you may go.


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