Bulletin – 2017-11-19

Sunday Service            November 19, 2017                       10:15 a.m.

Meditation:   The meaning of life. The wasted years of life. The poor choices of life. God answers the mess of life with one word: “grace.”         – Max Lucado

Welcome: to Britannia United Church. Our nursery is always available to children three years of age and younger. It is at the end of the hall by the office. Headsets are available for those who need assisted hearing. Please speak to our sound technician. Please join in the reading if it is bold and italic. Coffee and Tea are available at the back of the church, after the service.

We Gather in God’s Name

Introit: Faith of Our Fathers (580, verses 1 and 2)


Prelude: Standing in the Need of Prayer

Call to Worship: The Ones We Long For
In a world that too easily wounds and breaks,
we long for those who will heal and restore;
In a world that too easily divides and dissects,
we long for those who will unify and interweave;
In a world that too easily excludes and judges,
we long for those who will include and understand;
And in a world where your call, O God, can still be heard,
we long for the courage to answer,
and to be the ones we long for. Amen.

Opening Prayer:
In every fragment of time, O God,
You work Your acts of grace.
In every grain of earth, O Christ,
You bring Your grace to life.
In every breath of every living thing, O Spirit,
You whisper Your grace to our souls.
Open our eyes, open our ears, and open our hearts…
Open the senses of all people to Your ever-present grace;
That those who are disillusioned may hope again,
That those who are frightened may trust again,
That those who despair may rejoice again,
That those who grieve and are lost may love again.
And that all creation may be filled again with wonder
at Your gracious glory. Amen.

Anthem: Don’t You Care?

Theme Presentation

We Hear God’s Word

Scripture Reading: Judges 4:1-7 (OT, pg 220, Heather Wallace)

Message: Hate Your Neighbour as You Hate Yourself

Prayer of Confession: Your Grace in Us
When we choose to believe that Your Kingdom
is no bigger than our bigotry;
When we reduce Your Presence to the ambience
in our favourite meeting place;
When we see Your people as no one other
than our people;
When we believe that we have the authority
to distribute Your grace as we see fit;
When use Your word to justify the way
we withhold Your blessing from others;
When we enlist You as an enforcer
of our particular ideology;
When in any way, O God, we make You in our image,
when we create our own Kingdoms and call them Yours,
We have failed You, and we have kept others away from You.
Forgive us, change us, and humble us, we pray;
Keep us always aware of how Your grace has rescued us,
and keep us always aware of those who seek Your grace
in us. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Hymn: Amazing Grace (266)

We Respond to God

Prayers of Joy and Concern and The Lord’s Prayer


* Doxology: (541)
Praise God from whom all blessings flow;
praise God, all creatures high and low;
give thanks to God in love made known:
Creator, Word and Spirit, One.

* Offertory Prayer:
God of extravagant and inappropriate grace,
we thank you for the wealth we enjoy,
and for all the opportunities we have to share it.

Where nations buckle under the stress
of impossible debts,
may we use our wealth of influence and voice
to bring about liberation;

Where communities wrestle
with inequality and dividedness,
may we use our wealth of love and welcome
to bring about equity and connection;

Where people suffer
from poverty, lack of opportunity and shame,
may we use our wealth of money
to bring about sufficiency and dignity;

Teach us, God, to release our devotion to meritocracy,
individualism and correctness,
and to embrace your inappropriate justice,
your scandalous grace,
and your indiscriminate love.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

* Hymn: Here I Am, Lord (509)

* Commissioning Prayer:
We praise You, Lord God,
that Your Way is found
not by travelling an exclusive highway,
or in secrets preserved only for some,
but in the open field of love and grace,
where all who choose may come and play.
We praise You, Lord God,
that Your Truth is heard
not only in the words of scholars and authors,
or in brittle, inflexible ideas,
but in honest questions
and difficult conversations,
in the courageous attempts of simple people
to live lives of integrity.

We praise You, Lord God,
that Your Life is discovered
not just in the predictable places of beauty and wealth
or within the confines of clearly demarcated norms,
but in the unexpected generosity and pride
of those who have nothing,
in the creativity and risk
of trying new things,
and defending the vulnerable.
We open ourselves again to Your call,
determined to do what we promise,
to follow Your Way,
to embody Your Truth
to share Your Life.
And to do it all with thanksgiving and praise. Amen.

* Sung Response: Faith of Our Fathers (580, verse 4)


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