Bulletin – SonRise

SonRise Service                April 16, 2017                            8:30 a.m.

Meditation: The power of God within you is greater than the pressure of the troubles around you.       – From Our Daily Bread

Welcome: to Britannia United Church.  Our nursery is always available to children three years of age and younger. It is at the end of the hall by the office.  Headsets are available for those who need assisted hearing.  Please speak to our sound technician.  Please join in the reading if it is bold and italic.  Coffee and Tea are available at the back of the church, after the service.

We Gather in God’s Name

Introit: This is the Day  (412)


Prelude:  Here I Am to Worship  (video )

Call to Worship:  (Based on Psalm 66 )

Let us shout joyful praises to God, all the earth! Sing about the glory of God’s name. Indeed, tell the world how glorious our God is. Say to God “How awesome are your works.”

Let all of us worship you. Let all of us sing your praises, glorifying your name in song, word and deed.

Come and see what God has done, what awesome miracles God does for us. Especially on this joyous Easter morning. Come and let us celebrate God’s awesome love for us with the Risen Christ.

* Hymn:  Make a Joyful Noise (based on Psalm 100) (820)

Prayer of Approach:

Loving God, from whom every gift derives, we gather to worship you this day.  You are indeed an awesome God, greater than our comprehension or our imagination.  Yet, through your precious gift of your son Jesus we know the vastness of your love for us, your people.

Loving God move in our midst and fill us with your Spirit.  May our words, our actions and our hearts be a part of this worship.  Amen

* Hymn:  Love Divine, All Love Excelling  (333)

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 28: 1-10

Message:  Our God is an Awesome God

* Hymn: Jesus Christ is Risen Today  (155)

Easter Poem and Prayer

* Hymn: Our God is an Awesome God – Sing 3 times

Our God is an awesome God.
He reigns from heaven above,
with wisdom, power and love.
Our God is an awesome God.

We Go Forward in God’s Word

* Commissioning:

As we go forth into our world, beyond these church doors, let us dance, celebrate and shout for joy.

We shall go celebrating Easter.  Alleluia !

Christ is risen and he goes before us, into this world where all is not always happy.

We shall go and bring love to those who are sad, and we shall share our Easter joy with all of God’s children.

Let us go living our lives to the glory of God and bring new life to all we meet.

Alleluia Christ is risen.

* Benediction

*Sung Response: You Shall Go Out With Joy  (884)


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