Lent to Pentecost

From Repentance to Renewal: Following Christ from Lent to Pentecost

Travel through the four Gospels to getting a deeper understanding of the scripture and history behind Jesus temptation in the desert, his last days with his followers, his death and his resurrection. From there we will go through the first chapters of the Book of Acts and see the new churches grow as they are filled by the Holy Spirit.

Week No. Date Topic
One March 26 Lent
Two April 2 Holy Week
Three April 9 Easter
Four April 23 Ascension
Five April 30 Pentecost

Start time for all dates is 7:00 p.m.

Deborah is an author, speaker and educator. She brings a background in Cultural Anthropology and Liturgical Theology, to the study of the Early Christian Churches. Deborah specializes in Contextual Theology, and brings history and ancient cultures alive as she places the Christian Scriptures within their time and draws parallels to the modern world.

In addition to her work in the first centuries of the Christian Church and Christian history through the past 2000 years, Deborah is a homeschooling mother of four teenagers, and uses her experience in alternative education and Contextual Theology to rewrite Biblical stories and create Christian Education curriculum for today’s children and youth.

Deborah is the owner and main crafts-person of Devlyn Originals, a small business making dolls and knitted sculptures, some of which she uses in her teaching about characters from the Bible and people throughout Christian history.

In her spare time she is a trainer and leader with Girl Guides of Canada/Guides du Canada, and was the Communications Senior Team Lead for their National and International camp in 2016.

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