Online Service Media

Our latest online service media for August 9th is now available

Please click here to view our online service for August 9 2020

COVID-19 Concerns and Church Closure

During the Covid-19 crisis, the Church will remain closed at least until September 2020, as recommended by the Eastern Ontario and Outaouais Regional Council

Rev Jim, Lauren and others have been contributing video recordings that can be seen on the Church Website ( https://britanniaunitedchurch.ca ). Clicking on the “Service Media” drop down list will show the recordings that are available. Our Thanks also go to Adam Batson for taking the individual recordings and putting them on the website.

Some people have been wondering how to make their weekly donations while the Church is closed. Donations can be made by check (mailed to the Church), PAR (Pre Authorized Remittance), or by etransfer from your account directly to the Church. To make an etransfer, log in to your bank’s website, select etransfer, add “BRITANNIA UNITED CHURCH” as a payee. Verify that it selects “bookkeeper@brituc.ca” as the email to use. If you wish the entire deposit is made to the general fund, nothing more is required. If you want some to go to M&S or Sunday School (or any other fund) as well as some to the general fund, just put that information in the Notes section when you make your payment. There are no security questions required to make the transfer.