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Our online Service for September 19th is now available

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BUC Online Auction

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While the Church is closed because of COVID-19, donations may be made by:

  • PAR (Pre Authorized Remittance), a convenient way to take care of your regular commitment to the Church. To participate, decide on the amount that you want to donate each month (general fund, Mission & Service, other (specify)). Print and fill in the PAR authorization form, and attach a cheque from your bank account marked “VOID”. Then mail the application and void cheque to the Church. Your account will be debited on or about the 20th of the month and the Church’s account credited with the amount.  Contact the Church Office to obtain further information from the Envelope Steward.
  • Etransfer, from your bank account directly to the Church. To make an etransfer, log in to your bank’s website, select etransfer, add “BRITANNIA UNITED CHURCH” as a payee. Verify that it selects “bookkeeper@brituc.ca” as the email. If you wish the entire deposit to be made to the general fund, nothing more is required. If you want some to go to Mission & Service or other (specify)), include that information in the Notes section. There are no security questions required to make the transfer.
  • Cheque, mailed to the Church
  • Canada Helps, by clicking the Donate button at the top of this website

Parking Space Available

Do you need parking? Extra parking? For a second vehicle? For guests? Spaces are available in the Britannia United Church parking lot. Call the Church Office at 613-828-6018, between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm, Monday to Thursday, for more information.

Church Tupperware Fundraiser

Our Tupperware fundraiser is ongoing and so far it has earned $840.19 from the March and April orders.  As well my commission $487.19, rewards of product  from the sales and  product prizes for  challenges from the Facebook party totaling $540.00  retail have been sold for $353.00  the online Auction. There are still 10 items to be auctioned. 

It is not too early to think about Tupperware as Christmas presents and it makes great birthday presents also. I have my shopping done for this year already.

Congregation member, church bookkeeper and Tupperware consultant Heather Duncan is hosting a Tupperware fundraiser to benefit Britannia United Church. Her daughter and Tupperware director Carrie Hall will be assisting with posts, orders and donating prizes.

How the church benefits

Both Heather and Carrie will be making zero profit on this fundraiser event.

Heather’s commission of 25% is being donated in cash to the church.

Any rewards earned based on party sales will be spent on the purchase of Tupperware products that will be directly donated to the auction fundraiser.

Challenges hosted in the Facebook Fundraiser Group will also have rewards of additional products to donate to the auction. 

How to participate

We are keeping the Fundraising event on the Facebook Group ongoing

You can join at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3673187179396255/?ref=share

Here you will learn about the available products, play games, win prizes and see updates on the fundraising success. 

No Facebook, no problem!

There are links** available to the current catalog and monthly sales brochure. They can be used to browse. You can email or call/text Carrie Hall with your order at carrie.christena.hall@gmail.com  / 613-227-3501

**the links provided here will not contain availability information

Shop (tupperware.ca) 

How to have rewards of additional products donated to the church.  

If someone signs up for the Deluxe Bundle or the Virtual Membership Carrie will donate 5 different items of Tupperware to the online auction.

If someone signs up to host a party Carrie will donate 5 different items of Tupperware to the online auction.