Who We Are

Celebrating 150 years, Britannia United Church is a joyful, affirming, inclusive and compassionate community of faith.

With the Divine at the centre of who we are and what we do, we are committed to living the radically inclusive Way of Jesus in our community and in the world.

Affirming Ministry Discernment Process

BUC has a long history of being welcoming and inclusive of people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, genders and gender identities. At our 2023 Annual Meeting we unanimously chose to begin the Affirming Ministries Process through Affirm United. This process of education, deep listening and discernment will help ensure that we are publicly, intentionally, explicitly, truly affirming and inclusive of all people, for we are all made in the beautiful image of God!

What to Expect

When you first arrive, you’ll be greeted by members of our church family who can direct you to our place of worship, the sanctuary. When you enter the worship service, you will be given a printed church “bulletin” which provides an overview of Sunday’s events as well as the upcoming church activities for the week. We encourage you to read this to learn more about opportunities you may be interested in pursuing. After the service, please join us as we turn the back of the sanctuary into a fellowship area for gathering and getting to know everyone over a cup of coffee, tea or juice; sometimes we even have a snack.


Please know that our front church entrance can accommodate larger vans, as well as Para-transpo vehicles, and all of our entrances into the church are wide enough to accommodate your wheelchair, walker, stroller, or wagon. In addition to having extra wide hallways, both our washrooms are fully accessible.


Children are an important part of our church family! During the school year we offer a multi-age children’s church on Sunday mornings. We begin worship all together and then, after some music, prayer and theme conversation, children are welcome (but not required) to go have some fun with our leaders as they explore the theme through craft, games and songs.

Please note that we understand we were all children once and many of us have children and grandchildren. We know our young ones were not created to sit still for any length of time (hey, most of us adults weren’t either). It is okay for children to explore the sanctuary and to ask you questions — coming to church is a learning experience!

What should I Wear to Church

We believe that attending church is the most important decision for the day, and we want you to dress in a manner that is comfortable for you. Members of our church family dress in a wide range of styles from jeans and t-shirts, to business casual. Hey, come in your pjs if that’s what you got used to during COVID.