Bulletin – 2019-01-27


Sunday Worship                10:15 a.m.                January 27, 2019

Meditation:  Liberation starts from within.

Welcome:  to Britannia United Church. Our nursery is always available to children three years of age and younger. It is at the end of the hall by the office.  Headsets are available for those who need assisted hearing (speak to our sound technician).  Please join in with the bold and italic print.  Coffee and Tea are available at the back of the church, after the service.  Please stand when (*) appears.

We Gather in God’s Name

Introit:  Jesus Loves Me (365)



Call to Worship: (inspired by the events in Nehemiah 8)
Gathered together in the square
young and old, men and women
certain and seeking, slave and free.
Gathered together in the square
they opened the book
read and listened, talked and prayed.
They opened the book
gathered together in the square,
and heard the Word of God.
Let us now gather
Together…in the square
to open the book…and hear the Word of God.

Hymn:  In Loving Partnership We Come (603)

Opening Prayer:
We are poor, Jesus,
in love, in appreciation, in spirit;
and we need Good News to fill us.
We are broken, Jesus,
in heart, in hope, in faith,
and we need to be healed.
We are prisoners, Jesus,
of our own addictions, of our own foolishness,
of our own pride,
and we need to be freed.
We are blind, Jesus,
to the sacredness of the world we exploit,
to the image of God in the people we hate,
to the purpose you have planted within us,
and we need sight.
We are oppressed, Jesus,
by our constant tendency to destructiveness,
and by the destructiveness of others,
and we need to receive and share forgiveness.
Yet, in our great need of you, we rejoice and celebrate
because you are the way to what we need,
to what we can become,
to what we can contribute.
We praise you and bind ourselves to you again,
Jesus; Anointed One; The Way.  Amen.

Anthem:  God of the Bible

We Hear God’s Word

Theme Presentation

Minute for Mission

Scripture Reading:  Luke 4:14-21 (NT, pg. 61)
(Barry Meredith)

Message:  The Liberating Gospel

Hymn:  How Great Thou Art (238)

We Respond to God

Prayers of Joy and Concern and The Lord’s Prayer


* Doxology: (218, verse 1)
We praise you, O God, our Redeemer, Creator;
in grateful devotion, our tribute we bring.
We lay it before you, we kneel and adore you,
we bless your holy name, glad praises we sing.

* Offertory Prayer:
Many people, many gifts, many blessings to share;
they all come from You.
We offer them in praise, in worship, in devotion,
and pray they will show the world,
Your compassion, Your love, Your light.  Amen

* Hymn:  If You Will Trust in God to Guide You (286)

*Benediction:  The Way Forward
If the world was random,
it would make no sense to try and make sense of it,
to plan and pray, to work and hope
to seek a way forward through the struggles we face.
If the world was random,
there would be no reason,
no purpose, no possibility;

But, however random it may, at times, appear, Jesus,
this world is not random,
but filled with the liberating purpose of God;
this we believe; to this we commit.
And so, wherever people have lost faith,
lost hope, meaning or purpose,
through their own misdirected choice,
the world’s unfortunate circumstance,
or other people’s malevolent actions,
we ask you to reveal your grace and salvation,
and guide us all into the way,
that gives us a way forward,
whatever we may face.  Amen.

Sung Response:  Jesus Bids Us Shine (585)