Communication and Behavior Covenant

As a community of faith, we know the importance of creating safe space. Truly safe space requires openness, transparency and compassion in our communication with each other. We recognize that we are a diverse group with a variety of experiences and viewpoints and yet we are all reflections of the Divine. As individual members and adherents we are each on our own faith journey and with this understanding, we hereby covenant both individually and as the congregation of Britannia United Church to embrace the following Holy Manners:

  • We will keep God at the centre of all that we are and all that we do.
  • Following the “Golden Rule” we will treat others as we wish to be treated and value our volunteer’s gifts, skills and time.
  • We will embrace change as part of life and future growth.
  • We will listen more than we speak, with compassion, respect and without interruption.
  • We will be aware of our body language, tone and choice of words.
  • We will check in about the good use of time and strive to end all meetings by an agreed upon order of the day.
  • We will clearly name our expectations rather than make assumptions.
  • The work of the church will take place in worship and at scheduled meetings.
  • We will be transparent and honest in our communications and will provide constructive feedback.
  • We will remove the personal element from decision making so that even when we do not share the same opinion, we will work together to address an issue.
  • We will entrust and honour the decisions of the body.
  • We will maintain a relationship of confidentiality in personal and professional matters.
  • If we have a conflict we will:

– attempt to resolve the conflict by speaking directly with each other without complaining through a third party or making assumptions.

                        – request impartial mediation.