December 13

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While it is not possible to organize contributions and distribution of White Gifts this year because of COVID-19, you are encouraged to donate to a group of your choice.

In the past, Britannia United Church has supported the following organizations with its White Gifts:

  • Harmony House, Ottawa’s only 2nd stage (transitional) shelter, at
  • Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth, an Ottawa-based transitional home for First Nations, Inuit and Métis women, ages 16 to 29, at
  • Youth Services Bureau, which is committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental and accessible environment where youth 12 years and older can pursue their life goals and be encouraged in making informed decisions, at

Another suggested recipient of your White Gifts is the Ottawa West End Community Chaplaincy.  This is an ecumenical grassroots-based Christian community chaplaincy presence in the multicultural, multi-faith communities in west-end Ottawa.  It also supports the housing communities in Foster Farm, Morrison Gardens, Pinecrest Terrace and Regina Towers.  Donations can be made through  Canada Helps:  access and type the name of the organization in the search bar.