Mandate: Ensures the intentions of the Congregation are carried out, by making decisions on behalf of the Congregation.

The Council governs the ongoing operations of Britannia United Church for the year.

Minister Rev. Jennifer Power
Chair Convenes and presides over meetings Kelvin Stanke
Vice Chair Acts as Chair in absence of Chair, and assumes position of Chair in second year of membership Vacant
Recording Secretary Keeps records of attendance, takes minutes and records all decisions Brenda Plamodon
Treasurer As a member of Stewards (see below), receives and disburses funds, maintains records of financial transactions, prepares annual budget, provides financial statements, ensures financial statements are audited and files necessary documentation with Head Office Colleen Chambers
Regional Council Acts as liaison with the Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional Council (EOORC) , keeps Council informed of any activities at the Regional Council  affecting the Congregation, submits any directives issued by the Regional Council and serves as envoy to the Regional Council in terms of communicating crucial congregational activities Eileen Ball
Barry Meredith
Jamie Hill
Christian Development Seeks to nurture and support learners of all ages to grow in faith and in their relationship with self, one another and all creation Vacant
Sunday School Coordinator Coordinates the provision of an educational program for children aged 3 to 10 Helen Hutcheson
Youth Group Coordinator Leads a ministry with and for youth, aged 11 and up, to support their learning and social needs Helen Hutcheson
Nursery Coordinator Provides a care and nurturing program for children under the age of 3 Helen Hutcheson
Coordinator of Congregational Learning Develops leadership and reviews resources for a program of learning for the Congregation, including Bible study classes Vacant
Library Coordinator Manages resources to support the learning groups and individuals within the Congregation Maggie Taylor
Worship and Music Provides oversight for worship services Vacant
Mission, Service and Outreach Strives to meet the mission and outreach needs of the Britannia Congregation and local community, and carries out national and international projects Don Cullen
Pastoral Care Assists the Minister in addressing and nurturing the spiritual and pastoral needs of the Congregation Vacant
Ministry and Personnel Supports the pastoral relationship as a confidential, consultative body by overseeing the staff of Britannia United Church Mary Lou Farrell
Coordinator, West End Villa Group Provides residents at West End Villa who wish to attend a United Church service, the opportunity to do so every fourth Tuesday. Vacant
Thursday Social Provides members and friends of the Church and community with an opportunity to meet for fellowship Rev. Jennifer Power
Editor, Britannia United Church Newsletter Serves as a channel for spiritual outreach and a means of communication with members of the Congregation and with interested groups in the community. Peter Bain
Members at large Represents the views of the Congregation, providing members and adherents with information and feedback, and seeking input as required. Verne Bruce
Barry Meredith
Rose Bernauer2 Vacant
Youth representative Represents the views of youth, providing them with information and feedback, and seeking their input as required. Vacant
Church Accessibility Committee Provides people with disabilities the same opportunity to access programs and services allowing them to benefit from the same services, in the same place in a similar way as other church attendees. Mary Lou Farrell
Board of Trustees Holds all of the property of the Congregation for the use and benefit of the Congregation as part of the United Church. This includes managing insurance coverage and the investment of funds. Colleen Chambers

Committee of Stewards

Monitors the financial and temporal affairs of the Congregation, ensures that sufficient funds are available to provide for staff salaries and operating expenses of the Church and Regional Council, accounts for all moneys received and disbursed, and ensures that all property is maintained
Sub-committees: Helen Hutcheson
Envelope Steward Keeps records of members’ givings, issues periodic statements and annual receipts, and arranges for Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) through the United Church of Canada Verne Bruce
Duty Stewards Coordinates the collection and counting of offering, and makes bank deposits Gail Wyse
Peter Bain
Leigh Bain
Property Upkeeps and maintains the Church buildings and land, negotiates long-term leases and temporary arrangements with groups and individuals wishing to use the Church property, and maintains a secure environment Donald Jackson
Office Automation Maintains all automated office equipment of the Church Adam Batson
Memorial Keeps a record of all memorial gifts and donations received by the Congregation. Heather Wallace
Kitchen Oversees the kitchen facilities and equipment and their use on Sundays and during special events. Verne Bruce
Memorial Garden Created Floral beauty through the seasons. Dianne Tupper