Director of Music: Lauren Saindon may be contacted through the church office: Phone: 613-828-6018 or email:

Music at Britannia United Church has a long and honourable history. The core of the music programme is the volunteers who come out every week to sing for joy and to contribute to the life of the church. The Britannia United Church choir meets on Thursday evening from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. However, there are several members who are not able to drive at night or who have job commitments and cannot attend the evening practice. Therefore, we have become very accommodating. Several members receive the music ahead of time to go over on their own, and some who don’t read music, get a learning tape to practice with. Two members even get the melody line played on their answering machine. If you would like to join the choir, you may speak with our choir director after a Sunday service, or just show up on Thursday evening for practice. In addition, Rev. Jim directs a group on the first Sunday of every month. This is for people who are not able to make a regular commitment to a weekly practice. A piece is chosen that you can easily pick up at the Thursday practice, and if you have a good ear for music, you can just show up on Sunday morning and you will be able to join in. It’s that easy – and that fun! So come and join us.

Sunday School Choir: Each week the Sunday school session begins with music led by Valerie Baldwin. The children are given CD’s of the music they will be learning so they may practice at home, and they sing during worship when they are ready. This is an inclusive choir. Everyone who shows up is welcome to participate!

Youth Group: The Youth Group participates in all communion services and periodically offers their musical talents to augment the worship services.